Hospice marketing services designed to build your brand.
Firestar operates as an extension of your hospice. We support your community relations, sales, marketing, operations, and HR teams with branded swag, promotional materials, apparel, awards, and incentives. And since we specialize in hospice we can offer creative solutions that will set you apart from what other hospices are doing. Here are all the ways we’re here to make your job easier:


Every giveaway you hand out shapes how people think and feel about your hospice. In fact, 83% of consumers say they’re more likely to do business with a brand who gives them a promotional product. Firestar offers custom promo solutions to help you create an emotional connection with the people you serve.


Inspire brand confidence with printed materials that all work together as a beautiful expression of your hospice’s story. Our in-house creative team custom designs marketing pieces that shine. And we take the utmost pride in translating those designs into top quality professionally printed materials so that the printed reality matches the original vision. 


Dress for success with branded t-shirts, polos, scrubs, and uniforms from Firestar. We offer custom screen printing and embroidery services so you and your crew can represent your brand in style. Need lanyards, badges and other accessories? We’ve got those too.


Participating in a tradeshow or fair or hosting a seminar? We’ve got you! From custom signage and tablecloths to giveaways and handouts, Firestar has everything you need to be the star of the show.


Empower your community partners with Hospice Referral Kits that make it easy for them to have the hospice conversation with a patient. Firestar can supply everything you need! Some ideas include a branded box, referral fax forms, educational materials, patient brochures, pens, a branded calendar, sticky notes, and business cards.


When you welcome new patients and families to your hospice, make them feel loved right from the get go with a branded welcome package. Firestar designs custom kits from the inside out that can include a patient handbook, activity book, journal, pens, lip balm, and more.


Encourage employee engagement and performance by building a culture of recognition. The Firestar team can put together custom solutions for new employee welcome packages, anniversary and performance recognition awards, perpetual trophies, and other team-building ideas to help you keep your team motivated and incentivized.


The year is full of healthcare awareness dates – Social Workers’ Month, Nurses’ Month, Doctor’s Day, and Case Managers’ Week, to name just a few. Firestar has creative ideas for each one! Whether you want to recognize internal staff or celebrate your community partners, we’ll develop a custom solution you’ll be sure to love. Grab our free marketing calendar to stay on top of them all!


What you do after receiving a referral is even more important than all the work you did leading up to it. Keep those referrals coming with a memorable thank you system that elevates your brand. Firestar can help you turn your acts of gratitude into loyalty-building brand experiences.


Control your branding and streamline your ordering with a Firestar company store. We stock your online store with all of your branded merchandise, print collateral, uniforms, etc., so that your employees can order all of your approved products as needed. It’s sure to make your procurement process a breeze.

Why work with just anyone when you can work with Firestar, a hospice promotions company that has a heart for hospice just like you do. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can support your team with creative solutions designed to fit your specific business needs.

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